Historic Preservation


  • As needed
  • Drake Community Library
    930 Park St.
    Grinnell, IA 50112


  • Tom Grabinski - Term expires June 30, 2026
  • Cheryl Neubert, Chair - Term expires June 30, 2026
  • James Paulson - Term expires June 30, 2024
  • Mary Schuchmann - Term expires June 30, 2025
  • John Whittaker - Term expires June 30, 2025


  • Conduct studies for the identification and designation of historic districts and sites meeting the definitions established by Chapter 26 of the Code of Ordinances
  • Make a recommendation to the State Bureau of Historic Preservation for the listing of an historic district or site in the National Register of Historic Places and may conduct a public hearing thereon
  • Investigate and recommend to the council the adoption of ordinances designating historic sites and historic districts if they qualify as defined herein
  • In addition to those duties and powers specified above, the commission may, with council approval:
    • Cooperate with federal, state, and local governments in the pursuance of the objectives of historic preservation
    • Provide information for the purpose of historic preservation to the council
    • Promote and conduct an educational and interpretive program on historic properties within its jurisdiction
  • The board's five members serve three-year terms.

North Grinnell Historic District Map