Grinnell Water Pollution Control Facility

The City's Water Pollution Control Plant staff provides the day-to-day operation of the plant, six lift stations, and is responsible for the maintenance of the collection systems. Plant staff is also responsible for the maintenance of the storm sewer collection system. The wastewater plant is located at 3976 20th Street.

The City of Grinnell Water Pollution Control Plant uses an aerobic digestion treatment system. The treatment process uses four basic steps: Step 1 - Wastewater enters the headworks building where screenings and grit removal take place to remove any solid material. Step 2 - The water enters oxidation ditches where micro-organisms consume remaining organic material, the micro-organisms freely move around aided by paddles. Step 3 - The water is sent into a UV building for disinfection. Step 4 - The water goes through the final clarifier before discharge into Sweetwater Creek. 

Waste Water Plant Video

Wastewater Service Diagram

Lift Stations

  • Interstate 80 Lift Station - located south of Stage Coach Road and east of Highway 146
  • Farmhand Lift Station - located at the intersection of Pinder Avenue and Highway 146
  • South East Lift Station - located at 1301 First Avenue
  • North West Lift Station - located .5 mile north of the intersection of 16th Avenue and Reed Street
  • 14th Avenue Lift Station - located at 1520 14th Avenue
  • Melrose Lift Station - located at 4 1/2 Melrose Lane

Responsible Operators

  • Jan B. Anderson - Water Resources Director
  • Daniel Ramos - Wastewater Director
  • Josh Kriegel - Operator II
  • Keagan Richmond - Operator I

Emergencies and After Hours Calls

All emergency and after hours calls should be directed to county dispatch at 641-623-5679.