Mayor's Welcome

Mayor's Message
Grinnell is branded as the city that is the Jewel of the Prairie. So, what does that mean? Well, it means many things to many people. Some say that this town sparkles. Some say this town has verve! Others say it is called that because the people are so friendly and helpful.

Still others say we are the Jewel of the Prairie because we are a handsome and robust community full of life. We are all of these for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is the fact that the folks who live here have a very positive attitude and a desire for an excellent quality of life. People with divergent views are able to come together for the sake of the community to get good things done. Whether it is rebuilding the downtown infrastructure, building a new state of the art library or constructing a new aquatic center with all the bells and whistles, or even putting up a new public safety building, much public input was sought and given. The result is projects the citizens feel ownership in because they had a say in their outcomes.

This town is a dynamic place that is constantly in transition. Progress is made by
accepting new concepts while at the same time, preserving that which has historical value. Downtown Grinnell is a Historical District, with many buildings displaying historical designation. Yet within these structures are stores and businesses that are up to date and technically advanced. There are historical residential neighborhoods with a pleasing mixture of different architectural styles. This is home to Grinnell College, one the finest four year liberal arts colleges in the nation. It is also home to a branch of the Iowa Valley Community College, a place growing in importance every day. There is much left to do. There always will be in a community like Grinnell. Come and see our progress. We think you'll like what you see.

Gordon R. Canfield