Distribution Size, Miles, Valves, Hydrants

Distribution System
The Water Department has 382 hydrants in our distribution system. The hydrants are flushed twice a year to remove any sedimentation that may have accumulated in the water mains, as well as keeping the hydrants in good working order. Flushing usually occurs in May and late September. In some cases rusty or yellow water occurs throughout the city as a result of changing the normal flow patterns in the system. It is safe to drink the water, but can cause staining during laundering of clothes. If this happens to you, the city office has a stain remover you can use, provided you did not dry the load.

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The Water Department does all maintenance, repairs, and or replacement of the fire hydrants. We also flow test the hydrants once every five years for fire protection and future water main projects that would increase water flow to areas needing it due to future growth.