Provided Meters

The City of Grinnell provides 5/8 inch meters. It is up to the property owner to purchase any meter larger than 5/8 inch. See City Code, Chapter 91.06. The city is sole owner of all water meters. It is the property owner's responsibility that the meter does not freeze or become damaged. On all new gallon meters there is a leak detector. It is the red triangle in the center of the top of the meter. It should not be turning unless something or someone is using water at the time. If it is indicating usage when there should not be any, you should call your plumber immediately to find the source of the leak.

Meter Change Out Program

The water department has converted most of the 5/8 inch cubic foot water meters to 5/8 inch gallon meters that are adapted to a radio read system. This system allows us to read and bill the entire town on a monthly basis. To convert the remaining cubic foot meters we are asking your cooperation to gain access to the meter which is usually found in the basement. We try to arrange an appointment time via the telephone that works best for the home owner or tenant. The change normally takes 45 minutes or less.