Swim Rates & Closings

Season Swim Pass Rates

  • Family Pass - $158
    • For members of the immediate family*: Up to two adults and four children under the age of 22; each additional child is $10
  • Individual Pass - $63
  • Senior Pass - $53 (60 years of age and older)
  • Lap Pass / Water Fitness - $53
Pool Passes can be purchased at the Recreation Department or online with a credit card. See the Recreation Department home page for department office hours.*

*Pool passes will not be for sale until the opening date of the Aquatic Center is announced.

Daily Admission Rates 

  • Lap Swim/Lazy River Walk - $3.25
  • Senior - $3.25 (60 years of age and older)
  • Age 3 and Older - $4.25  
  • 10-Punch Pass - $32 (punches do not carry over to next year)

Pool Closing
  • The aquatic center will open for Open Swim if the air temperature is 70 degrees with favorable weather conditions.  We may close due air temperatures below 70 degrees or when the number of patrons drops to 12 or fewer. 
  • The aquatic center will immediately close when there is an electrical storm or the imminent threat of one in the area.  One or both of the slides may be closed for periods of time when there are not enough patrons at the aquatic center. 
  •  The aquatic center will reopen when favorable conditions return.  


  • The Aquatic center will close at 5:00pm on June 28th for staff training, 3:30pm on July 2nd for Tiger Sharks swim meet, at 4pm on July 4th so our staff can enjoy 4th of July festivities and at 4:00pm on August 16th to allow staff to participate in the Fall Sports Preview at the High School.