Brush & Compost Facility

The City of Grinnell operates a Brush & Compost facility where citizens can drop off their yard waste including grass clippings, leaves, and tree limbs/branches. The address of the site is 3973 20th Street, Grinnell. It is located immediately south of the city's wastewater treatment plant. Citizens can either go to the intersection of Highway 146 and Pinder Avenue and then go west on the gravel road (400th Avenue) that corresponds to Pinder Avenue then north on 20th Street or they can go to the intersection of 6th Avenue and Ferguson Road, then south to 1st Avenue, turn west onto 1st Avenue to 20th Street, then south on 20th Street approximately 1 mile.

Hours of operation for the site are as follows:


The Brush & Compost facility uses a "pay as you throw" logic, placing the cost of operation on those who use the service. Fees are based on the quantities brought to the site.

33 gallon garbage bag
1 full car load or enclosed SUV
1 small pickup size load
1 pickup size load
1 trailer up to 10 foot
1 trailer larger than 10 foot
1 full dump truck size load
1 full dump truck size load with trailer
*Any vehicle larger than those described
Material over 4 inches in diameter
$0.50 per bag
$4.00 per entry
$4.00 per entry
$9.00 per entry
$9.00 per entry
$12.00 per entry
$31.00 per entry
$44.00 per entry
$63.00 per entry
$20.00 per cubic yard

*These vehicles may require additional permitting.

Payment in the form of cash or check is accepted at the site. 

If yard waste or brush being deposited is all contained in bags, the individual may pay either the price per bag or the price per vehicle.

                                     Please cover or otherwise secure your load.