Delinquent Accounts

Late Notices
Two different late notices are sent out if payments are not received by the due date.
  • Yellow Notice - sent the business day following the 15th of the month.
  • Pink Notice - sent seven (7) business days after the yellow notice.
Yellow Notice
Customers with balances remaining on their accounts after the due date, will have a penalty applied to the remaining balance. The penalty is 10% of the water, sanitation, and storm water charges and is noted on the original bill.

Customers are given six (6) business days to pay their balance before the next late notice is sent.

Pink Notice
If a balance over $20 remains after the due date on the yellow notice, a $15 late charge is added to the balance due. A second, pink, notice is sent out reminding the customer they still have a balance due.

Customers are given four (4) business days to pay their balance before their water service is disconnected.

Disconnection of Service
If a balance over $20 remains after the due date on the pink notice, a $45 disconnect fee is added to the balance due. Water Department staff are dispatched to disconnect service to customers who still have an outstanding balance.

Note: Even if water service hasn't been disconnected yet, once the report is run and it is determined a customer should be disconnected, the $45 disconnect fee is added to the account.

Once a customer is on the list to be disconnected, the entire balance will need to be paid before service will be restored.

Payment Options
Prior to the disconnection step, if a customer has extenuating circumstances, forgets to pay their bill, or is having difficulty paying their bill, there are options available to assist with payment of the bill.

The options are:
  • Payment of approximately half of the bill on the months a bill is not due - this option is for customers that are current on their bill and want to eliminate the burden of the entire bill on the month it is due.
  • Setting up a payment agreement - customers wishing to set up a payment agreement must call or stop by City Hall to set up an agreement. In most cases, the goal is to have the bill paid before the next billing cycle.
  • Applying for assistance from the Campbell Fund - low income individuals can apply for assistance from the Campbell Fund. Note: The Campbell Fund will not pay any late fees, penalties, or disconnect fees.
  • H2O Direct - to avoid oversight in the payment of a bill, customers can elect to have their city utility payment taken directly from a checking or savings account.