Storm Water Utility

The City of Grinnell owns and operates numerous storm water management systems and facilities which have been developed over many years. The future usefulness of the existing storm water systems owned and operated by the city and of additions and improvements thereto, rests on the ability of the city to effectively manage, protect, control, regulate, use and enhance storm water systems and facilities in Grinnell in concert with the management of other water resources in the city. In order to do so the city has established a storm water management utility which shall be responsible for creating revenue for storm water management. The corporate limits of the city, as increased from time to time, shall constitute the boundaries of the storm water utility district.

No public or private property shall be exempt from storm water utility charges except the following:
  • Streets, alley ways and highways in the public and private domain
  • Undeveloped land as defined in City Code, Chapter 102.03
  • Railroad rights-of-way, however, railroad stations, maintenance buildings, or other developed land used for railroad purposes are not exempt.
  • All property owned and managed by the City of Grinnell. This does not included private drives, walks and other impervious surfaces constructed across public rights-of-way and other city owned and managed properties.
For more information on the storm water utility see City Code, Chapter 102.