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Rental Unit Registration Form

  1. This form is required to be completed annually by residential rental property owners. This form will accept up to five addresses. Submit multiple forms if necessary.
  2. To avoid penalty, registrations are due by May 1, annually.
  3. Owner Information
  4. Property Manager Information
  5. Are the owner and Property Manager the same?*
  6. Rental Property Address Information
  7. If not yet inspected, write "none"
  8. New Registration?*
  9. Add a 2nd Address?*
  10. If not yet inspected, write "none"
  11. New Registration?*
  12. Add a 3rd Address?*
  13. If not yet inspected, write "none"
  14. New Registration?*
  15. Add a 4th Address?*
  16. If not yet inspected, write "none"
  17. New Registration?*
  18. Add a 5th Address?*
  19. If not yet inspected, write "none"
  20. New Registration?*
  21. Additional Addresses?*
    If yes, submit an additional form.
  22. Registration Fees
    Registration fees of $10 per unit for new registrations will be required to complete registration. Contact the Building & Planning Department at 641-236-2600 to discuss payment options for new registrations.
  23. As long as the property has not changed owners, annual renewals will be done at no charge. If a property has been sold and remains a rental unit it will be considered a new registration and subject to a registration fee.
  24. As the property owner (or owner's representative), I understand that I am subject to the rental regulations of the City of Grinnell, including but not limited to the right of the City to perform inspections on my property as part of the rental requirements. I understand that it is my duty to notify my tenants of any upcoming inspections and to either be present or have a representative that is at least 18 years of age present during the inspection. By my signature below, I am certifying that the rental units identified in this form comply with City of Grinnell Rental Property Code, as summarized in the Rental Inspection Checklist.
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