Curbside Recycling

Curbside Recycling Pick-Up Program to End June 28, 2019

Each residence should have at least one red recycle bin. The red bin is required to have recyclables picked up by Public Services department employees. If your current residence does not have a bin you may contact the Public Services department to have one delivered to you at no charge. If you are in need of an extra bin, or if your bin has been lost or stolen it costs $9.00 to replace. If you have a damaged bin, we will replace it free of charge for the exchange of the damaged bin. Contact the Public Service department to make arrangements. The Public Service department is located at 1411 1st Avenue or can be reached at 641-236-2632.

Your red bin weighing no more than 50 pounds should be placed within 4 feet of the curb by 7 a.m. on your regular scheduled garbage pick up day to guarantee pick-up.

If pick-up is missed, you may bring your recyclables to the Public Service Department at 1411 1st Avenue, to place them in appropriate recycling dumpsters. Mixed recyclables and cardboard can be dropped off 24 hours a day. The only exception is shred paper that is accepted during office hours only.

All recyclables must be thoroughly rinsed of any food particles or debris.