Acceptable Items

The following are items accepted at Grinnell's Recycling Center:

  • White/Colored Papers - junk mail, school papers, envelopes, soft-covered books and hard-covered books. (It is not necessary to remove staples or cellophane from window envelopes.)
  • Newspapers/Magazines - includes glossy inserts and phone books
  • Shred Paper - in a closed brown paper bag (not acceptable if in a plastic bag)
  • Plastics - numbers 1 & 2 (screw on lids should be removed)
  • Plastic Lids - numbers 1 & 2
  • Tins (magnetic) - cans and foil
  • Aluminums (non-magnetic) - pop cans, cat food cans and foil
  • Cardboard - corrugated, cereal/tooth paste/shoe boxes, cardboard egg cartons, brown paper bags - all must be flattened
  • Motor Oil/Antifreeze - must be placed in original container with lid firmly affixed. Place it behind the dumpsters by the shop doors. 
  • Glass Bottles & Containers - remove screw on lids 
  • Batteries - See Battery Recycling for list of acceptable batteries - drop off at Public Service Department office or Drake Community Library (930 Park Street)