Discontinuing Service

Customers must contact the City of Grinnell Utility Billing office in person or by phone to discontinue service. Disconnection of service can be done on the same day of notification, as long as it is before 3 PM. A meter reading will be obtained on the date requested and a final bill processed.

Final Bills
Final bills are created once a week and are due the on the 15th of the month. A special read fee of $25 will be added to the final bill to cover the cost of obtaining the final reading, producing the final bill and refund check (if applicable).

Deposit Return
For residential customers that were renting their residence, the final bill will be subtracted from their $150 deposit and the remainder (if applicable) will be mailed as a refund check.

If a customer moves to another rental property, the deposit and final bill will be transferred to their new address.