Campbell Fund

The John M. Campbell Fund

What is the Campbell Fund?

The Campbell Fund is a trust left by the estate of John M. Campbell. The following is an excerpt from his last will and testament:

"I direct that the net income from said trust shall be used for the relief of the worthy poor of the City of Grinnell; and I direct that the trustee of said trust shall pay said net income to such persons at such times and in such amounts as shall be determined by the Mayor and City Council of Grinnell. I direct that in selecting the beneficiaries under said trust the Mayor and City Council shall give preference to those who may be in need of hospital care or medical attendance."

How do I get help from the Campbell Fund?

An application may be picked up at the city office at 520 4th Avenue or is available by download.

Download Campbell Fund Application

Completed applications should be submitted to the city office and are reviewed once a week. In addition to a completed application, supporting documentation may be required. This documentation may include copies of bills (i.e. Alliant bill) or proof of a hospital stay or medical condition. Applications that pass the preliminary review are subject to final approval by the Grinnell City Council at their twice monthly meetings.

If an application is approved, payment will be sent directly to that service, i.e. medical service organization, utility, or landlord. Any additional payment due above and beyond the approved amount will be the applicant's responsibility. The process from application to payment can take up to 3 weeks.

What are typical requests?

The Campbell fund will consider the following requests:

  • Medical needs (including dental and vision)
  • City Utilities (excluding deposits and late fees)
  • Gas and Electric Utilities (excluding deposits)
  • Rent only if need is caused by medical issues or domestic violence
  • Grocery vouchers - one-time emergency
  • People Rides

The above list represents the majority of approved requests. The Campbell Fund will not pay deposits of any kind and is only available to individuals residing within the city limits of Grinnell.

The Campbell Fund has also donated funds to organizations that assist the worthy poor. Organizations typically submit a letter to the City Council outlining their needs with a request for funding.

What are the income guidelines?

The income guidelines for 2023 for those eligible for assistance are as follows:

Annual Household Income

1 person $27,180
2 person $36,620
3 person $46,060
4 person $55,500
5 person $64,940
6 person $74,380
7 person $83,820
8 person $93,260

Add $9,440 for each person over 8 in household.


If you have any questions, contact the city office at 641-236-2600 or email.