American Red Cross Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Information
A full list of our classes can be found in our current brochure:

Announcements for Parents of American Red Cross Swimming Lessons

Being on time to class.
  • Plan to be here 15 minutes prior to the start of class time. Emergencies do happen last minute.
  • It can be very disruptive to the class when kids come late and the teacher needs to repeat the lesson plan.
Sit on deck away from the class
  • Kids do a better job when the parents are not hovering over the top of them
Behavior problems
  • If you see your child sitting out due to behavior problems please go over and try to deal with them
  • Everyone pays the same price to be here and it is not fair for the teacher to work with one kid due to them misbehaving.
  • The American Red Cross recommends that we hold 8 classes per session. We schedule 10 lessons so that we have an extra few days in case of rain for outdoor lessons.
  • We will not have lessons if it is thundering or lightening. We will hold lessons if it is raining lightly. Lesson cancellations will be made about 30 minutes prior to try and give the best chance to hold them. If you are traveling from out of town you may want to try and call the pool (236-2621)or Rec Dept between 9am and 5pm (236-2620) to see what the best guess is at that time. Cancellations will be announced on KGRN (1410AM) and our facebook (Grinnell Recreation) page as soon as we know.
Cold temps
  • If your child states that they are cold the teacher is told to set them out and let them warm up a bit and then encourage them to get back in. We realize this may become a good excuse for your child to sit out but that will be between you and your child. Our instructors will not force them to get back in.
Start and end times
  • We will go by the time on the large clock on the wall. We will do our best to start on time and end at the exact end time as we know your time is important to you. We realize some of you are taking breaks from work coming and going.
Time to talk with instructors
  • There is time prior to or after class that is appropriate to discuss any concerns with your child's instructor.
  • Class time is not appropriate.
  • Any concerns can also be addressed to the Lesson Coordinator
WSI certification
  • All classes are assigned with a WSI which is the certification that you can obtain after turning 16 years old. A class may have assistants who are also WSI or Water Safety Aids (WSA).
No sibling or parents in water
  • No part of the facility is open for any parent or siblings to use.
Play time last 5 minutes
  • The last five minutes of class is reserved for play time. That is the time to go off the diving boards for classes that are appropriate or turn on the play structure.
  • If all 8 lessons have been completed the last day of class will be used for free time.
Shift levels the first few days
  • It is not uncommon to shift kids around the first few days of lessons. Remember it might have been a couple months since your child was last in a pool. They do regress over the winter months.
  • The water temp might be cool for them and a large new facility - a transition from the nice small, warm Ahrens pool - can be an adjustment
  • A new teacher can be a change in a child.
  • Trust us to make a good decision. There is no point in rushing your children through lessons or having them in one that they struggle in. Most kids don't learn well in that environment.
  • The American Red Cross has again made adjustments to the skill work at all the levels the Spring of 2014. It may take a year or so for your child to adjust to these more difficult skills. We will most likely see a great number of children needing to retake a level over the next year or so.
  • Certificates will be given out the last day of class. If you know that you can not make it please let the instructor know so they can have the card ready in advance.
  • The Red Cross is always changing up requirements for levels. Don't be disappointed if your child does not pass on the first try. It is more important that your child have fun, be safe and is progressing.
  • The best help to give your child is to bring them back to the pool for some free play and they can demonstrate to you the skills they have learned. They will retain these skills longer with continued exposure to the water.
Questions or concerns
  • Do not hesitate to ask us about any concern or share your good thoughts with us. We can only make improvements if we know about issues.