What is required for a voted tax levy for the memorial building?
384.12 Additional taxes

A city may certify, for the general fund levy, taxes which are not subject to the limit provided in section 384.1, and which are in addition to any other moneys the city may wish to spend for such purposes, as follows:

2. A tax not to exceed eighty-one cents per thousand dollars of assessed value for development, operation, and maintenance of a memorial building or monument, subject to the provisions of subsection 1(see below).

Subsection 1 is as follows:

a. Upon receipt of a petition valid under the provisions of section 362.4, the council shall submit to the voters at the next regular city election the question of whether a tax shall be levied.
b. If a majority approves the levy, it may be imposed.
c. The levy can be eliminated by the same procedure of petition and election.
d. A tax authorized by an election held prior to the effective date of the city code may be continued until eliminated by the council, or by petition and election.

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1. What is required for a voted tax levy for the memorial building?
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