Peddlers Permits

Peddlers Permits

There are three different types of permits:
  • Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants
  • Educational and Religious Organizations
  • Special Events

Peddlers, Solicitors & Transient Merchants

The peddlers permit covers anyone going door to door or on the public street selling products, subscriptions, or services. An application must be completed by the organization and each individual that will be selling will need to be listed along with their social security number. In addition to the application, each person selling will need to submit a completed Iowa criminal history record with sign off by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. The application and criminal history record(s) are forwarded to the chief of police for approval. It can take up to ten days to be approved according to city ordinance.

Once approved, each organization must produce a $10,000 cash or surety bond and prepay $25 per day for each day they are going to sell in town. After all requirements have been fulfilled, a badge is issued for each individual listed on the application.

Educational, Religious, or Charitable Organizations

An application needs to be completed and forwarded to the chief of police for approval. A bond and the daily fee are not required.

Special Events

A group of peddlers, sponsored by a group, that are going to sell under the same roof, or at the same location is considered a special event. The sponsor will need to fill out an application for approval by the chief of police. A bond and the daily fee are not required.

Permit Exemptions

Events held or sponsored by the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce, such as the Farmers Market, events held or sponsored by the City of Grinnell, and events held on Grinnell College’s campus are generally not required to obtain a Peddlers Permit.