City Manager


The city manager is the chief administrative officer for the City of Grinnell established by City Code, Chapter 21. The city manager is appointed by the City Council and subject to the terms and conditions of any existing agreement or
pursuant to a contract.

Powers & Duties

The powers and duties of the city manager include the following:
  • To supervise enforcement and execution of the city laws
  • To attend all meetings of the council unless excused by the Council
  • To recommend to the council such measures as may be necessary or expedient for the good government and welfare of the city
  • To have the general supervision and direction of the administration of the city government
  • To supervise and direct the official conduct of all officers, departments, and employees of the city
  • To supervise the performance of all contracts for work to be done for the city
  • To supervise the construction, improvement, repair, maintenance and management of all city property, capital improvements, and undertakings of the city
  • To cooperate with any administrative agency and make recommendations to the council for joint or cooperative activities with said agencies
  • To provide for and cause records to be kept of the issuance and revocation of licenses and permits authorized by city law and to sign same when authorized by this code
  • To keep the council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the city, and of its future needs
  • To conduct the business affairs of the city and cause accurate records to be kept by modern and efficient accounting methods
  • To make to the council periodic itemized financial reports in writing