Pool Rules 

The following rules have been set up to help ensure a safe, healthy and pleasant experience for everyone. Please adhere to them and treat the staff that enforces them with respect. Those who cannot adhere to rules and behave in a courteous manner will be asked to leave and may lose future swimming privileges.


Dangerous behavior such as rough play, running on deck, throwing each other, carrying on shoulders, or diving off legs, arms, hands or back are not permitted. Inappropriate behavior and vulgar language will not be tolerated.

The following items are prohibited from the aquatic center: street clothes, squirt guns or water guns, gum, glass, band-aids, cigarettes, playpens, scuba tanks and weight belts, and any other item deemed potentially dangerous by the aquatic center staff.

Those two years and under are admitted at no fee. No other patron may enter the aquatic center without payment, a valid pass, a punch card or permission of the Aquatic Center Manager. All persons entering the aquatic center must pay the fee regardless of intent to swim. When you enter the aquatic center area, you become the responsibility of the aquatic center employees.

Water Slides

To use the slides patrons must be 48 inches tall and receive a wristband at the front entrance. The Grinnell Mutual Family Aquatic Center Staff will measure the individuals and apply the wrist band.

Weather Policy

The aquatic center will open for Open Swim if the air temperature is 70 degrees with favorable weather conditions. We may close due air temperatures below 70 degrees or when the number of patrons drops to 12 or fewer. The aquatic center will reopen when favorable conditions return. The aquatic center will immediately close when there is an electrical storm or the imminent threat of one in the area. One or both of the slides may be closed for periods of time when there are not enough patrons at the aquatic center.

In case of a storm closing or other temporary closures, patrons may request a storm pass. A storm pass will be issued if the aquatic center closes within an hour of admittance to the facility. This will gain entrance to any scheduled public or lap swim hours on another day. No refunds will be made on daily admissions while under normal operational situations.

Pool Rules

  • Patrons may not enter the locker rooms until the designated time. No one will be allowed on deck or in the water until a Lifeguard is on duty.
  • Diving is not permitted in less than five feet of water. These areas are designated by depth markers along the deck. Swimming in the diving area is not allowed.
  • Flips, back dives, twisting, cannon balls and belly flops from the side are not permitted. All patrons must enter feet first facing forward.
  • A lap swimmer is considered anyone, 16 years or older, able to swim 100 continuous yards and is actively swimming, walking or running continuous laps in good form.
  • Kick boards and pull-buoys are available for lap swimming purposes. City-owned kick boards and pull-buoys are not for use outside of the lap swim area.
  • No spitting, urinating, blowing the nose or spouting while in the water. No one with a contagious disease, open cut, wound or scrape, or contagious skin condition may be in the water. Patrons must take a shower before entering the water.
  • The Recreation Department is not responsible for lost or stolen possessions.
  • Children wearing water wings or flotation rings, which is required to have a seat in the bottom, must be within arms reach of a responsible adult (16 years or older) at all times. It is the recommendation by the Recreation Director that you use only coast guard approved life jackets for any child that does not know how to swim. Jackets available on the pool deck for no charge.
  • A responsible adult (16 years or older) may supervise up to four non-swimmers 8 years of age and under at one time. The adult has the sole responsibility for these swimmers and must stay with them and be attentive at all times. Infants cannot be left alone on the deck.
  • Children must be at least 9 years and old and show the ability to swim 25 meters of front crawl in good form before being allowed to use the aquatic center without direct supervision by a responsible adult (16 years or older).
  • To use the deep end/diving boards (over five feet) patrons must take a swim test given by staff to show the ability to swim 25 continuous meters in an acceptable manner.

Dress Code

  • Only proper swim wear is allowed. Swim diapers must be worn for those not potty trained. No patron may wear cotton clothing in the water. All clothing must be of polyester material and be tight fitting, similar to a "dry fit" shirt.
  • Polyester shirts and swim diapers may be purchased at the Aquatic Center - no guarantee on inventory

Private Swimming Lessons

If you are interested in taking private swimming lessons, the Grinnell Recreation Department or the Aquatic Center Staff can give you names and numbers of staff members interested in teaching private swimming lessons. Each participant will be required to pay the entrance fee to the Aquatic Center in addition to the instructor's fee.

Private Pool Rentals (Private pool rentals are not available at this time)

The Grinnell Mutual Family Aquatic Center is available for private rentals Monday through Sunday. Contact the Grinnell Recreation Department at 641-236-2620 for further information.

Tiger Sharks Swim Meets

The aquatic center will close at 3:30 p.m. on two Tuesdays TBD to host the meets.

A complete list of rules can be found at the Grinnell Mutual Family Aquatic Center.