Extended Vacations

If you are planning an extended vacation or spend your winters in the south, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid any interruptions to your city utilities.

Water/Sewer/Storm Water Utilities

The minimum water and sewer charges and the storm water charge will be incurred while you are gone unless you have the water meter removed before you leave. If the water meter is removed, you will still incur the storm water charges.

If you decide to have your water meter removed, please contact City Hall at 641-236-2600 to make the arrangements. The water department will need to access the inside of your home to remove the meter.

If your mailing address needs to be updated while you are gone contact City Hall to make that change and to change it back upon your return.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste charges will be charged during the time you are away even if the service isn't being used unless you have the water meter removed. If you are away three consecutive months, you will be eligible for reimbursement of solid waste charges. The reimbursement is given in three month increments.

To obtain reimbursement for solid waste charges, submit an online request or download and complete the Request for Solid Waste Reimbursement form and send it to the City Office, 520 4th Ave.

The following information will be needed for completion of the form:
  • Your name
  • Street address of the vacant property
  • Dates property was vacant
Once the form is received, solid waste charges will be credited in three month increments. If you are gone a shorter amount of time, no credit will be given. For periods longer than three months, credit is issued for three months at a time (i.e. 3 months, 6 months, 9 months).

If you have questions on the reimbursement of sanitation charges, contact the City Office at (641) 236-2600 or email.