Medication Disposal

Medications should not be disposed of with regular solid waste. A permanent medication drop-box is located in the lobby of the Grinnell Public Safety Building, 1020 Spring Street. It is accessible to the public during normal business hours. Citizens wishing to utilize the medication drop box are asked to place all medications in sealed non-breakable containers and are requested to not include any "sharps" (syringes or lancets), or any other item that could cause injury to the staff servicing the drop box. 

Drop-Off Events

The Grinnell Police Department holds events where unused, expired, and/or unwanted medications (including controlled substances) can be safely and legally discarded. Medications dropped off during an event should be separated into three groups prior to drop off: solids, liquids, and aerosols. Dry medications should be separated from their packaging. Liquids and aerosols should stay in their original container. Events are advertised in most local newspapers.